Buying Tips

Home Buying Tips

When you finally decide to start your home search, keep the following tips in mind to make your real estate search stress free.

Set your price range

Meet with a lender who will help you figure out which type of financing is available, which one will work best for you and how much you qualify for.

Establish your purchasing power, Get pre-approved!

Getting a pre-approval from your lender can also help you in the negotiation. Getting pre-approved shows the seller your commitment as a buyer and capability to purchase the home.

Pick your location

It is always recommended to be well informed on the neighborhood before deciding to purchase a home in the area. Do some research on school districts, public transportation, crime statistics etc. You can find information here in

Surf the web for your dream home

The internet is one of the best tools for finding the home you are looking for. Feel free to do a home search on our website. You can also check sites such as,, and

Make a list of items to check

Buying a home is an emotional process. Ideally, you should have your feelings in check when evaluating a home. This can be better achieved by creating a checklist of your must-haves features and other essentials. When visiting the home, you can mark down all the features and make a decision based on the checklist instead of your emotions.

Take Photographs

Home details can get mixed when visiting several homes. A good advice is to take photographs. This will help you at the end of the day when you some details of the first home you visited aren’t as clear as they were before.

Get an Inspection

A home inspector will check for evidence of any leaks, faulty wiring, pests and harmful materials such as mold, lead paint and asbestos. This would cost you a few hundred dollars but not getting an inspection can cost you more money in the end.

Association Approval.

If the property that you are purchasing is conditional upon a committee approval, request the regulations, rules and documents from the seller as soon as you have an effective agreement to purchase. Make sure to complete all requirements before submitting your application to avoid any delays in processing the application and getting you a board interview.

Association Interview

This is one step that can make some buyers nervous, our advice is to don’t become stressed about it. Boards interviews are normally required and their purpose is simply to verify what has been stated in your application.

Obtain insurance

A homeowner’s insurance for the property is usually required at closing. Have this arranged on time. Another insurance to consider is a title insurance, this insurance protects buyers against liens. Meet with a professional and find what will work best for you.