Tips on Selling Your Home

Tips for Selling Your Home

Allow easy access to the property

Keep in mind that buyer’s availability might not fit your schedule perfectly and allowing access to the agent for showings would increase the offers you receive. Be ready to show!

Redecorate and fix the property for photographs

Photographs are crucial in selling your home and the better the home looks the higher the numbers of showings your home will get. Make sure to clean up and present your home in the best way possible for photographs to be taken by our team.

Remove personal items

Buyers like to visualize themselves in the home. Put away any family photographs or personal items that would make it difficult for them to see themselves as the home owners.

Resolve title issues

Sellers should resolve any problem such as a tax lien regarding the title to the property. Provide the title company with copies of the satisfactions before the title search. If you haven’t satisfied the lien, informing the title company that you want it paid out of closing proceeds will keep the process moving along.

Pre order an appraisal and inspection

This would attract more qualified buyers and the property will show to be a good investment.

Address repairs

If the home inspection generates a list of repairs that need to be resolved, be sure to complete them or have a plan to negotiate the repairs with the buyers. While sellers can make the repairs, it’s also much faster for them to just reduce the price or give the buyers a tax credit so they can make their repairs after closing.

Set a realistic price

Pricing your home is key. Your real estate agent will assist you in determining the best price in today’s market.

Make a moving plan

Sellers sometimes underestimate the amount of time it can take to sell their home. Speak to your real estate agent and make a plan for where you will move when your home sells.

Don’t over-upgrade

Instead of doing fancy upgrades, we recommend you to do smaller updates that will pay off such as painting walls, replacing curtains or carpet.

Plan your negotiation

Speak to your real estate agent and plan what you will and won’t accept. From the price to the terms and conditions of closing.